What is a Bitcoin casino with live dealers?

Bitcoin casinos with live dealers started to appear several years ago. But despite the novelty, they became very popular instantly. Today, every game club is trying to organize tables with numerous interesting offers (for example, free bets on bitcoins without deposit or no deposit bonuses for registration).

Live casino games necessarily require a worker of the club. He deals the cards or starts the roulette wheel. The role of a live dealer in a Bitcoin casino is taken on by an attractive girl or guy oftentimes. He or she takes bets. During gambling at a live bitcoin casino, the player is as close as possible to the atmosphere of a game in a real institution, though he plays in the comfort of his home.

Advantages and disadvantages of Live casino


Bitcoin live casino has many advantages (much more than disadvantages), due to which live games have gained such a wide popularity. The main advantages of bitcoin casinos live can be called:

  • Games are conducted by experts in this field. Croupier is not an easy profession. It is a key point for a high-quality live bitcoin casino online to have only experienced people to work there. Predominantly, croupiers are charming and sociable girls, turning the game into an even more pleasant and atmospheric pastime.
  • A wide range of entertainment. Usually, gamblers have the opportunity to try out skills in live casino games on Bitcoin gambling sites such as live poker, blackjack, baccarat, roulette. All games are presented in different variations and can be played by betting with Bitcoin.
  • Low priority deposit limits. If a user is lured by crypto roulette, he should not bet heavily at first. Some live Bitcoin casinos (including BITFIRING) offer to deposit only a few dollars per a game, that is very good for beginners with a small bankroll.
  • Integrity. Bitcoin Live games are available to a wide audience of gamblers. A large number of different people can be sitting at the same table. As a result, the croupier plays not against a particular player, which greatly increases the chances of everyone to win and completely eliminates cheating by a Bitcoin casino live.

However, Bitcoin casinos with live dealers also have their disadvantages: a game requires a quality Internet connection and sometimes a need to download certain software. Anyway, the pluses are much bigger, and the minuses are not game changing.

Assortment of gambling in a live bitcoin casino

Not all Bitcoin online casino gambling requires a live mode. Case in point, slots do not need the presence of a live employee of the gaming site. However, if we talk about the classic table games of chance, almost all of them allow a presence of a real person, namely a professional croupier.

The most popular Bitcoin casino games with live croupiers:

✔️ Blackjack. Many gamblers choose this game in a Bitcoin casino live in the hope that they will be able to figure out the cards present in the deck and act according to their own strategy. Unlike real Vegas casinos, live Bitcoin casinos cannot track you for counting cards, and therefore they cannot kick you out of a club for counting cards. That's why many people with a mathematical turn of mind prefer to play at live Bitcoin casinos rather than at real ones. After all, thanks to preparation, such a player can calculate blackjack moves and make a lucky bet at the right moment. Blackjack at a Bitcoin live casino differs from other types of regular online casino games not only by the atmosphere, but also by the ability to communicate with other players and with the dealer himself.

✔️ Baccarat is an entertainment that always involves communication between players. Therefore, an ordinary online game after a live one can seem very boring and uninteresting. The presence of a live person and online chat helps not only to bring a gameplay closer to the real-like, but also to liven it up significantly.

✔️ Roulette. Many users believe that an online version does not differ from a live game. It seems that you only need to put all the same money, choose a cell where the ball will fall and wait for the win. But only a live game can create the same excitement and courage as in a real casino. High-quality visualization and a live person create an atmosphere of presence, which makes this type of entertainment more interesting and addictive.

✔️ Live Hold'em. Represents a certain type of poker, which was invented specifically to allow gamblers from different casinos to play the same game at the same time.

As for the gameplay in a Bitcoin live casino, it is quite difficult to compare it, you need to try to play yourself in order to understand all the charms of this game. In general, the main advantage of a live version is that a player gets access to a chat and pleasant company in the form of like-minded people and a live croupier.

How to play at a live Bitcoin casino?

Casinos with live dealers always involve playing for real money. But what makes Bitcoin casinos different is that you don't play for fiat money, but for cryptocurrencies (like Bitcoin). There is no demo version, so it is impossible to test the entertainment without the risk of losing something.

It is also worth noting that an important step before a game with a real dealer is:

  • Registration on the official site of the club.

Only after completing registration, a player gets access to a live Bitcoin casino.

The main thing to remember is that only with the right live Bitcoin casino you can get big payouts and hit the jackpot!