Last updated: 27/09/2023

1. General

1.1. This User Agreement apply to the usage of games accessible through bitfiring.com

1.2. This User Agreement come into force as soon as you complete the registration process, which includes checking the box accepting this User Agreement and successfully creating an account. By using any part of the Website following account creation, you agree to this User Agreement.

1.3. You must read this User Agreement carefully in their entirety before creating an account. If you do not agree with any provision of this User Agreement, you must not create an account or continue to use the Website.

1.4. This User Agreement may be published in several languages for informational purposes and ease of access by players. The English version is the only legal basis of the relationship between you and us and in the case of any discrepancy with respect to a translation of any kind, the English version of this User Agreement shall prevail.

2. Binding Declarations

2.1. By agreeing to be bound by this User Agreement, you also agree to be bound by the BITFIRING Rules and Privacy Policy that are hereby incorporated by reference into this User Agreement. In the event of any inconsistency, this User Agreement will prevail. You hereby represent and warrant that:

2.1.1.The Casino accepts strictly adult players (the minimum age is 18) and players who have reached the age specified by the jurisdiction of player’s place of residence as eligible for online gaming. It is the player’s sole responsibility to inquire about the existing laws and regulations of the given jurisdiction regarding age limitations for online gambling;

2.1.2. You have full capacity to enter into a legally binding agreement with us and you are not restricted by any form of limited legal capacity;

2.1.3. All information that you provide to us during the term of validity of this agreement is true, complete, correct, and that you shall immediately notify us of any change of such information;

2.1.4. You are fully responsible for paying all fees and taxes applied to your winnings according to the laws of the jurisdiction of your residence.

2.1.5. You understand that by using our services you take the risk of losing money deposited into your Account and accept that you are fully and solely responsible for any such loss;

2.1.6. You are permitted in the jurisdiction in which you are located to use online casino services;

2.1.7. You understand that the value of any cryptocurrency can change dramatically depending on the market value;

2.1.8. The computer software, the computer graphics, the Website, and the user interface that we make available to you is owned by BITFIRING or its associates and is protected by copyright laws. You may only use the software for your own personal, recreational uses in accordance with all rules, User Agreement we have established and in accordance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations;

2.1.9. You understand that cryptocurrencies are not considered a legal currency or tender and as such on the Website they are treated as virtual funds with no intrinsic value.

2.1.10. You affirm that you are not an officer, director, employee, consultant or agent of BITFIRING or working for any company related to BITFIRING, or a relative or spouse of any of the foregoing;

2.1.11. You are not diagnosed or classified as a compulsive or problem gambler. We are not accountable if such problem gambling arises whilst using our services but will endeavor to inform of relevant assistance available. We reserve the right to implement cool off periods if we believe such actions will be of benefit.

2.1.12. You accept and acknowledge that we reserve the right to detect and prevent the use of prohibited techniques, including but not limited to fraudulent transaction detection, automated registration and signup, gameplay, and screen capture techniques. These steps may include, but are not limited to, examination of Players device properties, detection of geo-location and IP masking, transactions and blockchain analysis;

2.1.13. You accept our right to terminate and/or change any games or events being offered on the Website, and to refuse and/or limit bets.

2.1.14. You accept that we have the right to ban/block multiple accounts and freely control the assets in such accounts.

2.1.15. You are aware of possible errors or incompleteness in the software, you agree to refrain from taking advantage of them. Moreover, you agree to report any error or incompleteness immediately to BITFIRING. Should you fail to fulfil the obligations stated in this clause, BITFIRING has a right to full compensation for all costs related to the error or incompleteness, including any costs incurred in association with the respective error/incompleteness and the failed notification by the user.

2.2. We reserve the right to declare a wager void partially or in full if BITFIRING, at its own discretion, would deem it obvious that any of the following circumstances have occurred:

2.2.1. You, or people associated with you may directly or indirectly influence the outcome of an event, to obtain an unlawful advantage.

2.2.2. You and or people associated with you are directly or indirectly avoiding the rules of BITFIRING.

2.2.3. The result of an event has been directly or indirectly affected by suspicious activity.

2.2.4. Bets have been placed that would not have been accepted otherwise, but that were accepted during periods when the website have been affected by technical problems.

2.2.5. Wagers have been offered, placed and or accepted due to an error, such as a mistake, vulnerabilities, technical error, force majeure or otherwise

2.2.6. If a player's deposit fee is too low and is flagged by blockchain as “not enough fee to relay” BITFIRING reserve the right to confiscate the winnings if BITFIRING at their own discretion deem the transaction and behavior of the player to be fraudulent in nature.

2.2.7 Players are not allowed to use VPNs. Most of the providers presented at BITFIRING are operational worldwide. Please be aware that if you use a VPN, our support team may ask for a KYC check or even block your account due to a violation of casino rules. We also may ask for KYC if a user is suspected of fraudulent activities.

3. General Betting Rules

3.1. A bet can only be placed by a registered account holder.

3.2. A bet can only be placed over the internet.

3.3. You can only place a bet if you have enough cryptocurrency in your account with BITFIRING.

3.4. The bet, once concluded, will be governed by the version of the User Agreement valid and available on the Website at the time of the bet being accepted.

3.5. Any payout of a winning bet is credited to your account, consisting of the stake multiplied by the odds at which the bet was placed.

3.6. BITFIRING reserves the right to adjust a bet payout credited to a BITFIRING account if it is determined by BITFIRING in its sole discretion that such a payout has been credited due to an error.

3.7. A bet, which has been placed and accepted, cannot be amended, withdrawn, or cancelled by you.

3.8. The list of all the bets and details are available to you in GAME HISTORY. 

3.9. When you place a bet, you acknowledge that you have read and understood in full all this User Agreement regarding the bet as stated on the Website.

3.10. BITFIRING manages your account, calculates the available funds, the pending funds, the betting funds as well as the amount of winnings. Unless proven otherwise, these amounts are considered as final and are deemed to be accurate.

3.11. You are fully responsible for the bets placed.

3.12. Winnings will be paid into your account after the final result is confirmed.

4. Bonuses and Promotions

4.1. BITFIRING reserves the right to cancel any promotion, bonus, or bonus program (including, but not limited to top-up rewards) with immediate effect if we believe the bonus has been set up incorrectly or is being abused, and if said bonus has been paid out, we reserve the right to decline any Withdraw request and to deduct such amount from your account. Whether or not a bonus is deemed to be set up incorrectly or abused shall be determined solely by BITFIRING.

4.2. If you use a Deposit Bonus, no Withdraw of your original deposit will be accepted before you have reached the requirements stipulated under the User Agreement of the Deposit Bonus.

4.3. If any term of the offer or promotion is violated, or if there is any indication of a customer or group of customers placing a series of bets that, due to a deposit bonus, enhanced payments, free bets, or any other promotional offer, leads to guaranteed customer profits regardless of the outcome, whether done individually or as part of a group, BITFIRING retains the right to recover the bonus component of such offers. In our absolute discretion, BitFiring may either settle bets at the accurate odds, void the free bet bonus and risk-free bets, or void any bet funded by the deposit bonus.. In addition, BITFIRING reserves the right to levy an administration charge on the customer up to the value of the deposit bonus, free bet bonus, risk free bet or additional payment to cover administrative costs. We further reserve the right to ask any customer to provide sufficient documentation for us to be satisfied in our absolute discretion as to the customer's identity prior to us crediting any bonus, free bet, risk free bet or offer to their account.

4.4. All BITFIRING offers are intended for recreational players and BITFIRING may in its sole discretion limit the eligibility of customers to participate in all or part of any promotion.

4.5. BITFIRING reserves the right to amend, cancel, reclaim, or refuse any promotion at its own discretion.

4.6. Bonuses can only be received once per person/account, family, household, address, e-mail address, IP addresses and environments where computers are shared (university, fraternity, school, public library, workplace, etc.). The Operator reserves the right to close your account and confiscate any existing funds if evidence of abuse/fraud is found.

4.7. You acknowledge and understand that separate User Agreement exist with respect to promotions, bonuses, and special offers, and are in addition to this User Agreement. This User Agreement are set forth in the respective content page on this website or have been made available to you personally. In the event of a conflict between the provisions of such promotions, bonuses and special offers, and the provisions of this User Agreement, the provisions of such promotions, bonuses and special offers will prevail.

4.8. You accept that certain promotions may be subject to Withdraw restrictions and/or requirements which need to be met before funds credited under the promotion can be withdrawn. Such terms shall be duly published and made available as part of the promotion. You cannot make a Withdrawal of funds associated with bonuses before the applicable wagering requirements will be done. 

4.9. It is not allowed to use multiple accounts to abuse the Lucky Spin feature, users who register a second account MUST inform the support team about it and play only from one account. Otherwise, we will mark your accounts as a scam, and you will be permanently banned from playing at BITFIRING.

4.10. You are not allowed to play jackpot and accumulative games with active wager\bonus. The complete list of restricted games can be found here

5. How are results calculated?

To get the results. First, we calculate the hash value of the combination with HMAC_SHA256. This gives us a 64-character hexadecimal string: hash = HMAC_SHA256 (clientSeed:nonce, serverSeed). 

Finally, we take 8 characters of the hash and convert it to an int32 value. Then we divide the converted value by 0x100000000, multiply it by 10001 and divide it by 100 so that the resulting number conforms to the constraints of the dice range.

Note: A new seed must be set to verify the previous data (the server seed is encrypted).

6. Limitation of Liability

6.1. You enter the Website and participate in the Games at your own risk. The Websites and the Games are provided without any warranty whatsoever, whether expressed or implied.

6.2. Without prejudice to the generality of the preceding provision, we, our directors, employees, partners, service providers:

6.2.1. Do not warrant that the software, Games and the Websites are fit for their purpose.

6.2.2. Do not warrant that the software, Games and the Websites are free from errors.

6.2.3. Do not warrant that the software, Games and the Websites will be accessible without interruptions.

6.2.4. Shall not be liable for any loss, costs, expenses or damages, whether direct, indirect, special, consequential, incidental or otherwise, arising in relation to your use of the Websites or your participation in the Games.

6.3. You understand and acknowledge that, if there is a malfunction in a Game or its interoperability, any bets made during such a malfunction shall be void. Funds obtained from a malfunctioning Game shall be considered void, as well as any subsequent game rounds with said funds, regardless of what Games are played using such funds.

6.4. You hereby agree to fully indemnify and hold harmless us, our directors, employees, partners, and service providers for any cost, expense, loss, damages, claims and liabilities howsoever caused that may arise in relation to your use of the Website or participation in the Games.

7. Breaches, Penalties and Termination

7.1. If you breach any provision of this User Agreement or we have a reasonable ground to suspect that you have breached them, we reserve the right to not open, to suspend, or to close your Member Account, or withhold payment of your winnings and apply such funds to any damages due by you.

7.2. Any intentional activity by the user that leads to disruption and/or complete halt of operation of bitfiring.com, as well as cheating the Bitfiring platform - punishable by a permanent ban with all available asset freeze.

7.3. You acknowledge that BITFIRING shall be the final decision-maker of whether you have violated BITFIRING’s rules, terms or conditions in a manner that results in your suspension or permanent barring from participation in our site.

8. Withdrawal Policy

8.1. After a successful deposit, the user must make at least x3 wager in order to make a withdrawal. The minimum amount for withdrawal is 25 USDT or an equivalent in another cryptocurrency.

8.2. Please note that if you requested a withdrawal, but the sum of bets made since last deposit is less than three (3) times the size of that deposit, the Casino reserves the right to charge you the costs of transaction processing for deposit and withdrawals.

8.3. The maximum withdrawal amount processed to a player is 7,500 USDT per week and 15,000 USDT (or an equivalent in another cryptocurrency) per month, unless otherwise specified in the Terms & Conditions of a specific promotion. If you win more than 15,000 USDT, we reserve the right to divide the payout into monthly installments of maximum 15,000 USDT until the full іamount is paid out to the player.

8.4. Please note: if any commission is applied by the payment system you’ve using for deposits\withdrawals – commission is paid by the player.

8.5. The maximum amount you will ever be able to withdraw from play with funds associated with a (no deposit) bonus (including Lucky Spin) is 40 USDT or equivalent in other cryptocurrencies.

8.6. The maximum amount you will ever be able to withdraw from play with funds associated with no deposit free spins (including but not limited to free spins for game Chance City) is 40 USDT or equivalent in other cryptocurrencies.