All Types of Bitcoin Casino Bonuses

To understand what makes a Bitcoin casino attractive to players, it is useful to pay special attention to the types of bonuses offered on the casino site. It is because Bitcoin casino bonuses act as an intermediary between an online gambling platform and its customers, helping them to learn about the available offers and the ease of getting additional promos when they use given services of company.

Gamblers around the world prefer using special offers such as Bitcoin casino welcome bonus or no deposit bonus in their game. In fact, it is the additional bonuses that play the role of the most attractive strength at online casinos with the best Bitcoin casino bonus, and we try to make sure that our customers have access to the most popular categories of casino bonuses to ensure a memorable and satisfying gaming experience with us.

It is not mandatory to use all Bitcoin casino bonuses at once; you can choose only those that suit your personal taste and requirements in the greatest way. However, we recommend you start with the basics. The first step is to register at the casino with Bitcoin bonuses. Then the door to a number of Bitcoin bonus features will be opened for you. These features are offered to all casino players who choose us as their number one online gaming companion.

Whether you play for fun or decide to try out the slots with crypto bets, we have a number of bonus offers for all gambling enthusiasts. Keep in mind that in order to access some of these Bitcoin casino bonuses you must face with certain restrictions and requirements outlined in our site's terms of use. Read the rules carefully before you start playing, especially if you are a newbie in iGaming. Now we will take a look at all Bitcoin bonus types in more details.

No deposit casino bonus

One of the most important casino privileges that exist in a current market, and that are provided by reputable online gaming platforms is no deposit bonus. The name implies that you can get a real crypto-money bonus which you can use for a game without paying a dime of your own bank. For example, at BITFIRING you can register and spin the Lucky Spin Wheel once per a day with the chance of winning Bitcoins and USDT! It is the best possible no deposit bonus you can find in the net.

Cashback /cash bonus

This promo is a subject to special requirements and restrictions imposed by platforms where you can get a Bitcoin casino bonus, related to the amount of your future deposit and some other aspects. In general, it differs from other types of Bitcoin casino bonuses due to the opportunity of withdrawing along with the cash reward after you meet all wagering requirements.

VIP bonus

It is an extra perk for risk-taking players who aren't afraid of betting large amounts of money to get financially rewarded. In essence, this feature is designed for high rollers. If you go to a VIP club you will get tons of freebies as well as super deposit bonuses and cashback!

Bonus package (may include several Bitcoin casino bonuses)

Bonus package is about three additional perks that can include free spins, deposit bonus, and extra cash perks to add even more incentive to your casino gaming experience.

Exclusive bonus

Essentially, it means that this casino provides really unusual offers exclusively to its regular customers.

Free spins Bitcoin bonuses

Free spins are usually provided as an additional benefit to every player who decides to use a slot machine at an online Bitcoin casino (in the form of no deposit bonus or exclusive bonus offer) or as a part of specially designed promotional programs. This aspect mainly concerns with additional spins attached to the bitcoin online games of your selection or games chosen by the casino.

It is just a tiny drop from various bonuses you may find online at crypto casinos. Moreover, you should keep in mind that any bonus is good for the player, well almost. Despite the good side of the bonuses, you should remember that all bonuses are a carefully thought-out move on the part of the online casino, which is not always beneficial for the player. And here's the thing: when casinos calculate bonuses, game portals set conditions for their use. Therefore, sometimes it is difficult to understand how to win a bonus in a crypto online casino. It can be a high wager, or a limited time to use the bonus. Nevertheless, before you will register at an online casino, it is better to compare the bonus policy of several gaming establishments and choose the most profitable place. In addition, when you accept a bonus always take a look at wagering requirements!

What are the wagering requirements, and why should you care about them?

At every Bitcoin online casino, the terms and rules are set by the administration. And when it comes to bonuses and wagering, every website will act as it sees fit. The main condition of the wager is usually the need to win a certain amount of bets. This amount is calculated quite simply:

  • Wager bet size = bonus amount * wager factor

For instance, the player is credited with $300 and a wager of x30. So, in order to withdraw money, it will be necessary to win back the bonus thirty times, that is, to bet a total of 300*30=9000 dollars. In most cases, there is a coefficient of x40. In most cases, the gambling establishment sets additional wagering conditions to reliably protect against unscrupulous players. The most widely used methods are:

  • limitation of bet sizes;
  • setting a certain time for which the bonus must be played;
  • restrictions in games. Most casinos either do not allow roulette, video poker and progressive jackpot slots to be played at all, or only allow 10-15% of the stakes.

Other options for restrictions are possible, but they are extremely rare and do not have a great impact on wagering.

How to complete a wagering requirement?

First of all, you need to study carefully all the conditions and restrictions of the wager in the chosen online casino. It is worth to remember that in the case of any violation, the bonus money is irretrievably burned, so it is better to be careful and not rush. However, some conditions, for example, time constraints, will not allow you to think about this issue for a very long time. Therefore, experts recommend proceeding as follows:

✔ before you will take Bitcoin casino bonus, study more carefully all the terms and conditions regarding bonuses and wagering;

✔ think in advance how exactly the wager will be played – focus on a slot type, its rate, and so on;

✔ make a deposit;

✔ play the wager according to the chosen strategy without putting things in the "long box";

✔ play at the casino with peace of mind and no longer worry about the bonus wagering requirements.

Such careful tactics will allow you to save your time, competently allocate money and not spoil your enjoyment of the game.

From the mathematical point of view, the best way to play the wager is to use one of the classic slots, which are in abundance in the top crypto online casino. It is significant that the selected slot has an RTP of at least 97%.

When you plan wagering actions, it is obligatory to take into account the fact that bonus funds usually begin to be spent only when the actual deposits end. Therefore, monitor the balance of funds carefully when you play for a deposit, not allowing the balance to drop below zero.