Essential Aspects of Bitcoin Casino Blackjack

When you are the search of a new Bitcoin casino to play you might be full of desires to try Bitcoin blackjack. There you will find plenty of advantages that will totally satisfy your requirements. So, it is a great idea to start gambling this game as soon as you can. It sounds so attractive, isn`t it? Keep reading BITFIRING article and you will know all nuances of Bitcoin blackjack casino.

What is Bitcoin blackjack?

All Bitcoin blackjack casinos offer a super-high level of safety and protection of your data (BITFIRING guarantees strong protocols of security too) and total anonymity. It is possible thanks to the fact that all crypto casinos use the technology of blockchain.

Bitcoin blackjack is full of fun and breathtaking emotions. Do you want to feel the adrenaline rushing through your veins? It is about Bitcoin casino blackjack for sure! The thing you should keep in mind that this iGaming product is risky. In this case, you should learn carefully all useful information and look through the rules and strategies of this game. One more piece of advice is to play with a cold head – no negative emotions, no lack of judgment.

In addition, it is better to learn how the way of calculating of the house advantage is going and remember all possible types of hands. It will help you to make fast and successful decisions. So, it is time to look at the tiniest details of the rules and possible strategies of this interesting gambling game.

Rules of Crypto blackjack

Bitcoin casino blackjack or simply Twenty One has pretty simple rules. And they are similar to common blackjack game. This easiness is a great opportunity to build your own strategy for great results. So, the team of BITFIRING prepared some tips to remember and follow for getting effective gambling: 

  • A standard deck consists of fifty two cards;
  • The main goal is to collect a higher total amount of cards (but no more than twenty one points) than the dealer has;
  • Do you have twenty one with the 2 first cards? Congratulations! You have a blackjack.

These aspects are the foundation of a Crypto blackjack game. Do not forget about them and use these points in selecting the best strategy for your own game.

crypto blackjack rules

Strategic hints

Every player tries to choose and adapt a winning strategy for this outstanding crypto casino game. We want to help you with this desire. Follow our effective hints for achieving head-spinning results:

✔️ Play optimally every hand that you will get;

✔️ Take into consideration the dealer`s hand;

✔️ The good upcard of the dealer gives you a perfect chance to draw to a total amount of your cards of seventeen;

✔️ The poor upcard of the dealer gives you a hint to stop this drawing when the dealer`s hand will be equal to twelve or higher (do not forget that taking another additional card will bring a risk);

✔️ Average upcard – stop if your total is thirteen of more;

✔️ If your total is equal to eleven you need to double down. It should be always done in this spectrum;

✔️ Split eights or aces;

✔️ Do not split fives or tens.

It is just a basis that should be used in the process of the formation of your own winning strategy for impressive outcomes.

Live version of this iGaming product

The availability of live mode of this game at Bitcoin Blackjack casinos is very pleasant. This interesting solution will give you a chance to open slightly the world of real casinos. You will see the real dealer through the video and feel as at a land-based gambling club. What is more, you can communicate with the dealer or other gamblers in different casinos. What can be better?

Free mode

It is a fact that Bitcoin casino blackjack has a huge fan club around the world. No wonder! It is so enjoyable to play this game. If you combine chances and your skills, this game will bring you not only fun but also an opportunity to get real money. Do you feel unconfident to gamble for real coins? No problem! You can improve your knowledge at Bitcoin blackjack casinos for free. The biggest part of crypto casinos offers this option. Do not miss this unique chance! 

bitcoin blackjack

FAQ section

Is it legal to gamble Bitcoin blackjack?

Yes, for sure. Most crypto gambling platforms are licensed and certified. So, you can play with no fear.

Can I become a winner of real money at this game?

Undoubtedly. The only thing you need to deal with is to make a deposit at a crypto casino of your choice. Do not forget, this deposit should be made via cryptocurrency.

Is it a fair iGaming product? 

The blackjack game at crypto casinos has a high-level RTP percentage. It means that the results will be totally fair. Remember there is not any need for any legitimate online casino to rig. They will win something in any case.

Are the rules of this game difficult?

No difficulties at the Bitcoin variation of this game. The rules are very similar to the usual kind of this game.

Bottom lines

This iGaming product is among the most playable casino games of table type. This intriguing game will give you a wide spectrum of emotions and at the same time will keep your brain “in a form”. Blackjack at crypto gambling clubs is a mix of knowledge and luck in one place. If you have not played this game yet it is time to dive into the field of this wonderful gambling product.