Online Slots – Tournaments at Bitfiring Crypto Casino

Online slots are the most popular games in all casinos, both land and virtual. Players of different categories can play slots regardless of experience or bankroll. That's why we chose online slots as our main opportunity to provide jackpots to our players. After all, you must agree that a newcomer to online poker for example, will never win a big tournament, but when playing online slots - the jackpot and tournaments can be won by anyone, because all you need to play slots is luck and a couple of dollars to bet. There are several types of tournaments and jackpots of different sizes available at Bitfiring. The chances of winning any of the tournaments and jackpots are equal for all players, both beginners and professionals.

Tournaments on Bitfiring: we made them for the players!

There are tournaments at many online casinos, but you won't find another one like Bitfiring! Huge jackpots of all types are available all the time! There are tournaments on Bitfiring all year round! That gives you an infinite chance to try your luck and win the jackpot any time you want!

How do tournaments and jackpots work on Bitfiring?

How does a slot machine tournament work? All users who during the time of the tournament have made a bet larger than the Minimal bet, using real money in the tournament game, become participants in the tournament automatically!

The timeframe of the tournament is discussed in advance, but most of the time our tournaments are indefinite, once one of the tournaments ends – another will start. The process of the game, as mentioned earlier, resembles a standard slot gaming session. For all bets made from the main balance in tournament games, which exceed the minimum bet for participation in the tournament, tournament points are accrued, which are automatically counted in the table\leaderboards. Games, in which it is possible to gain tournament points, are specified on a promo-page of the tournament or in the newsletter message.

To find out your place in the tournament, you should look at the table, remembering to refresh the page to get the latest information about the rating of players. After the end of the tournament the players who have won prizes receive their valuable prizes within 24 working hours!